Freelance designer and front-end developer based in Manchester

"You're only given a little spark of madness. You mustn't lose it." Robin Williams

Steve Muldoon

Steve Muldoon, is a bespoke, Manchester based tailor, well known for his quality and detailed products. Steve has a well established and known brand which had never been fully incorporated into his online presence. This was the goal when he approached me for a redesign of his site.

After spending time in this shop and speaking to customers it was clear they knew they knew they were getting the best quality. The design, therefore had to reflect these high quality, professional products along with a personal touch that users trust. View more

Hiring Hub

Hiring hub, is an online recruitment marketplace. The Manchester based company is ran by two leading pioneers in the startup scene who I had the pleasure of getting to working with.

The project was for a redesign and build for their client facing WordPress site and also a redesign of their backend dashboard system.

As with most startups, an agile approach best suited the project as requirements and features often changed. The site was also designed and built to be very modular and more of a framework so that it could scale and adapt during the project life cycle and future developments. View more

196 Destinations

196 was a startup idea I worked on with a friend. As we are both keen travellers, the idea was to create an app for users to create a wishlist of destinations, the app would then work out the best and cheapest time to fly out. View more

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